Thursday, July 30, 2009


Im Chun-yong, a former North Korean military captain who escaped to South Korea in 1999, reports that North Korea tests its vast stockpile of chemical and biological weapons on children with mental and physical disabilities.

Kim Jong-il’s regime may be communist in theory, but its praxis is pure Nazism.

"If you are born mentally or physically deficient, the government says your best contribution to as a guinea pig for biological and chemical weapons testing," says Im Chun-yong.

Children are blasted with poisonous gases as soldiers time how long it takes the kids to die.

Experts estimate that North Korea has several tons of chemical weapons. In Kim's communist utopia, disabled people are conspicuously absent.



  1. That's despicable and disgusting. Gawd I hope it's not true. The naive & denial side to me forces me to ask for further clarification...dude escaped in '99 but he's only just now speaking up about it??

    This is sickening for to even think about, but the next door neighbors spent almost the entire month of June in China, in order to adopt--specifically--a female child who suffered from some form of a birth defect/handicap (wife's an r.n.). Think the Swine Flu outbreak within the PRC's borders hindered their return by a week or more.

    The child, Olivia, is nearly 18mos old and extremely fearful/timid of everyone, every animal, practically everything. The conditions the parents described the state of her orphanage are deplorable, and it was supposedly one of the "better ones". Poor child probably had barely even felt the touch of an adult human her entire life up until now. Being that she was born not just a girl, but also with a severely malformed cleft palate & cleft lip, it's amazing to realize that she's been even more blessed than I'd originally felt...

    If she'd been born in N.Korea, such a physically distinctive birth defect may have resulted in a death sentence levied upon the most innocent of all the "accused" who receive death sentences throughout the globe.

  2. This is a shocking revelation, though it is consistent with past reports from North Korean refugees about horrific experiments conducted on prisoners and the like.

    Im Chun-yong says he decided to make this information public now because the moment seemed right with the world's attention increasingly focused on North Korea's nuclear weapons program.

    His account was originally reported by al Jazeera, for what it's worth.

    I'm not sure how children with birth defects fare in the PRC, but surely Olivia is very fortunate to have been rescued from the orphanage you described. In the DPRK perhaps she would have been gassed.

    It will be interesting to see if other refugees can corroborate the story.

  3. This defies everything. I truly do not have the words to describe how I feel about this. One thing I can say, though I do my best to not come off as a purveyor of violence, the bastards that administer this NBC program need to be tested next.