Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Seeking to capitalize on a surge in banana consumption in Japan, Dole began airing a bizarre commercial this year in which a young man, capable of spontaneously generating bananas, is accosted by throngs of ravenous Japanese.

The bananaman strolls through a park where he encounters a sad woman whom he consoles by firing bananas at her through his nostrils. This seems strange even by Japanese standards.


  1. Goodness.

    It is just possible, I think, that were I crying on a park bench somewhere I might just be consoled by a strange man shooting bananas at me from his nostrils.

    Well, if not consoled, then certainly distracted and perhaps mildly alarmed.

    (I would, however, most probably not want to eat the nostril-bananas afterward.)

    I do like his tiny banana moustache.

    *quiet smile*

  2. The nostril bananas are a powerful antidepressant, especially when dispensed with evil laughter.