Thursday, August 13, 2009


Curtis Melvin, an American who spends too much time on Google Earth, claims to have spotted one of North Korean tyrant Kim Jong-il’s luxury homes.

The sprawling compound in the Ryongsong district north of Pyongyang features a sparkling pool and water slide.

It would be difficult to imagine a lesser official than Chairman Kim occupying such a preposterously lavish compound in the starving country.

Unnamed sources within North Korea have confirmed that Kim’s residence #21 is located in the Ryongsong district and is where he spends most of his time when in Pyongyang.



  1. I wouldn't place any money down on what the earth googler-guy claims that photo actually depicts...the local library has that computer program. At the start of summer, I used it to see what the big deal is with Google Earth. I remember reading somewhere that it was "so accurate" that Dick Cheney had his goons see that his residence wasn't able to be viewed on Google Earth. I figured it must truly be some powerful computer program if it was that accurate.

    So, I decided to look up 3 addresses:

    1. Where I'm living at present.
    2. Where I lived prior to the first of May.
    3. Where I lived the first 25yrs of my life.


    1. Way Wrong.
    2. Waay Wrong.
    3. Waaaay off Wrong.

    Thus, my experiences with Google Earth. Don't waste any computer memory downloading that program & don't place any bets on this guy's glamorous googling claim.

  2. If you live in an apartment or a large complex it depends on whether you tell the program that you're driving or walking. It may put you at the back door of the building if it thinks that you're a truck and that's a fact.